11 Great things to do to make in Financial year Profitable

Posted By Management consultant, ISO consultant, Marketing consultant, CRM, Digital Marketing, SEO, ISO 9001 certification nirav on 2018-04-17


11 things can make your next financial Year More profitable, Productive.

1. Prepare Budget :

Prepare budget for Every thing Such as Marketing, New Staff Recruitment, New Technology, New Machines, Even for your Personal things like car and expensive mobile.
Making budget will help you To remain in budget and easy to spend money in right Direction

2. Develop a Business plan:

Prepare a business plan for next 5 years of time, And decide a small daily action that
lead to a Big goal achievement. Here is a guide line in how to prepare a business plan. Watch Video

3. Digitized Your marketing :

As per budget spend some fund in development such as CRM, Search Engine Optimization, or Developing a
a really good website, or just Develope e commerce Webstie

4. Challenge People & Recruit New:

Design a specific and few criteria for the Measurement of each people and process performance .
Express your Expectation clearly from your Team member, Map it regularly, Upgrade them at any cost. Give regular Staff  Training.

5. One is best:

One location ( for Storing all item), One Paper report, One file, One Software for every thing.
This will help you remain productive.

6. Challenge your product:

Lets decide to discontinue one of your product, and introduce new product Before the Innova (14 Lack), Qualis(9 10 Lakgh) was excellent car
Innova crysta is costing around 20 lac. Challenge your product to upgrade profit and product.

7. Financial Analysis:

Do your company financial analysis, Like inventory turn over ratio, Net Profit, Gross Profit,cost of complaint, sales.

Keep the figure handy and visible on daily basis. If required hire a consultant.

8. Develop one New hobby:

If your like to develop a new hobby develop new one or just revitalize the old which you have left decade ago.

9. New Country:

visit one new country with family, or by participating in exhibition. Learn more, roam more Earn more.

10. Visit your customer:

prepare a list of your customer, Make sure no one left out.Personally visit your customer and
Just say thank you for their support in past years. Your business will grow. Try it.

11. Surprise the market:

Do something that surprise your customer. Keep doing it repeatedly. Like sending a Birthday cake, Offering some service or Product free. Helping them grow by providing Suggestion More creative ideas can be generated by brain
storming with your team

You can write few more thing that can make New financial year a good one. 


I just want to thank all of you to helping us grow in last financial year. Your Support are valuable to us. Thanks once again

Team Green dot

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