27 Practices to become a Great Boss

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Here are some of the practices to become a Great Boss

Key Attributes

  • Good Listening

Listening to your employee’s thoughts and ideas and showing you value their input will be beneficial to everyone involved particularly the business. Even if as the boss you decide not to action their ideas, it’s important for employees to have your attention and feel heard.

  • Create Trust

Trust is important is all relationship, your staff should feel like they can trust you whether in terms of doing a right thing or confiding in you about a confidential matter. Equally, they should feel they have your backing and are trusted in their position.

  • Be Decisive 

You’re in charge so making decisions big and small falls at your door, therefore it’s important to be decisive. However, make sure you’re fully informed and don’t be afraid to consult others with specialists knowledge before coming to conclusion

  • Be Inspirational 

Aspire for excellence and then inspire your employees to do the same. Lead by example and set high standards which your workforce can follow. Offer words of inspiration and motivation and celebrate achievements.

  • Be Polite

It might sound stupid and a given, but being polite is key to being a great boss. Be sure to greet everyone, no matter their position with good manners and politeness, regardless of your mood.

  • Be A Visionary

Create a vision for your business and workforce, and then share it with them. Your employees will appreciate being included and its always nice to be a part of a company’s future.

  • Be Honest

Offer constructive criticism and be open to taking it. Being honest about your employee’s performance is best for everyone and will help them to improve to get to the next step.

  • Be Knowledgable

As they say, knowledge is power so stay abreast of trends and shifts in your field. Aim to know your field inside out and share your knowledge with others.

  • Have Integrity

Integrity earns respect.Honor your word and don’t compromise yours and the business value do the right thing if it’s not the easiest option.


  • Take Risks 

Whether in the form of trusting an employee with a project that might sit just outside their comfort zone, or just trying something different, calculated risks are par for the course as a boss. it’s your job to decide if the risk is worth it!

  • Get the Right Balance

It’s important to get the work-life balance right at every level.Lead by example and make sure you live a life outside of work.If you spend hours extra in the office, Chances are your employees will think that’s what they must also do to impress.

  • Take an Interest

Remembering your employee’s spouses and children’s name or their hobbies help create a rapport and a more personal workplace. Nobody expects you to know everything, but remembering a few points can go a long way.

  • Delegate

You can’t do everything so make sure you delegate tasks. Micromanagement is detested by most people, so put your trust in employees to undertake certain tasks or take on added responsibilities, and allow them to get on with it.

  • Motivate

Morale is often the backbone of the business. Where you can try to motivate your team either by rewards such as a company away day or by offering words of empowerment and encouragement.

  • Continue Self Improvement

The journey to becoming great boss is often one of constant self- improvement, be sure to continue that even when you reach the top. Nobody’s perfect after all.

  • Praise 

 While you may not be able to offer monetary reward in terms of salary or bonuses offering any kind of praise or recognizing for hard work will be appreciated by your workforce.

  • Teach

You didn’t get to be a great boss without learning few things along the way, so be willing to teach and share your knowledge with staff, colleagues, and mentees.

  • Communicate

Keeping lines of communication open is key to being a great boss, it’ll allow your staff to come to you with question and problems and create more transparency.


  • Think you are above making tea

Avoid creating a sense of ‘us and them’. Everybody knows that you’re the boss, so there’s no need to throw your weight around just for the sake of it, instead become part of a team and remember to make tea from time to time.

  • Pass the Buck

When things go wrong hold yourself accountable and encourage your team to do the same. Passing the buck is unconstructive, so admitting accountability is the only way forward and the best way to learn from mistakes.

  • Forget to ask for help when needed

There’s no shame is asking for a helping hand from time to time, its so make sure you ask for help when you need it. Everyone has their own skills a it’s your responsibilty to recognise where these can be best used.

  • Gossip

While sometimes it might be tempting to join in with idle office gossip, never do it. Gossip is destructive and harmful and can be damaging to your staff, reputations and the staff.

  • Take your personal life to office 

Avoid your personal life impacting on your conduct in the office by leaving your personal baggage at the door. This will also help encourage your staff to do the same and promote professionalism.

  • Have Favourites

Treating all employees fairly helps to encourage respect and co-operation. If staff feel like they’re getting a rough deal compared to others it creates resentments and can impact on productivity.

  • Create Barriers 

Effective management means removing barriers and providing your team with the tools they need to do their job. Encourage teamwork and communication, and you should have a productive workforce.

  • Lose your cool

We all lose our cool from time to time, but keeping calm under pressure is the best for everyone. Nobody wants an erratic boss who crumbles under pressure, so try to keep your head.

  • Be Too Rigid

Flexible working is something many people look for, and while this isn’t something all business can offer, being mindful of doctors appointment or childcare problems etc will help.

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