7 Deadly waste that kills your profit

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7 deadly wastage of the industries

Over production :

Making something before it is truly needed. This is particularly serious form of waste because it lead to excess inventory that is often user to mask other underlying problems and inefficiencies


  1. Pace produce so the rate of the manufacturing matched the rae of the customer demand
  2. Use apull system to conrol how mych is manufactured ( Kanban)
  3. Reduce set uptime so that smaller batched can be economically Manufacute ( single Minute Exchange of Die SMED



Time when work in process is waiting for the net step in production. It can be truly illuminating to look at the time from order to delivery and ask how much of that time is actually spent on true value added manufacturing .


  1. Design process so that the floe is continuous and there are minimum buffer between steps in production
  2. Use standardise work instruction to to ensure that a consistent method and consistent time are used for each step of production


Transport : 

Unnecessary movement to the raw material work in process and finished goods.


  1. Design linear sequential flow from raw material to finished goods ( value Stream Mapping)
  2. Make sure work in process is not place in to inventory



unnecessary Movement of people

Countermeasure :

  1. ensure that work areas are logically organised (5s )
  2. Consider alternate arrangement of equipment that reduce motion ( Value stream Mapping)


Over processing :

More processing than is needed to produce what the customer requires.  This is often one of the more difficult waste to detect and eliminate.


  1. Compare customer requirement to manufacturing specification ( Kaizen)
  2. Look for potential simplification to the manufacturing process


Inventory : 

Product, ( Raw Materials, Work in processor  Finished good quantities that can go beyond supporting the immediate need.


  1. Bring raw material in only as the are needed ( Just in time )
  2. Reduce or Eliminate buffers between steps in production
  3. Refer to over production countermeasure ( Takt Time , SMED, Kanaban)



production that is scrap or requires a rework

Countermeasure :

  1. Design Process so they are less likely to produce defects
  2. Design process to detect abnormalities so they can be immediately corrected (Jidoka)
  3. Look for the single most frequent defect and determine why it occurs ( Root cause analysis)
  4. Create work instruction that provide a consistent method of manufacturing the part ( Standardise work)


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