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Why Kanban Boards will Simplify Your Life

Many of us don’t have the words “project manager” in our job title. Yet, when it gets down to it, we manage projects on a daily basis.If this describes you, then Kanban board can help you quickly and easily manage your inbox.
Here are four ways Kanban boards will help to simplify your life.

1. Kanban boards keep project tasks organized in a simple manner.

  • what you are working on,
  • what you’ve completed, and
  • what you have yet to start.

Kanban boards do precisely that. No time is wasted on setting project milestones or creating and adjusting task dependencies—even if there are some. Kanban simply provides a high-level view of task status.

2. Kanban boards are easy to understand.

One of the best reasons to use Kanban board for task management is that anyone can glance at the Kanban board and quickly understand where everything stands. In comparison, other project charts can be overwhelming to read. Kanban boards quickly and easily communicate the current status of tasks—without information overload.

3. Kanban boards focus on current status.

Here’s an example. During a meeting, you may need to communicate the details of a project or specific task. A simple Kanban board works much more easily than a Gantt chart. The Kanban board allows a simple walk-through without a lot of distracting details. Any details can be delivered orally—if they require discussion at all. This segues nicely into the final point about Kanban board.

4. Kanban boards eliminate long meeting discussions.

Meetings can become a huge waste of time—for you, for those you manage, and for those who manage you. Robust discussions can many times be very helpful for brainstorming ideas and other strategic purposes. But project status meeting discussions can very easily become long and laborious. Kanban board is perfect for hitting the high-level points of project and task status. A non-traditional project manager can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time keeping people up-to-date using a Kanban board.

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