Best HR practice for newly hired employee- First 90 days

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The First 90 days Helps new employees start out on the right foot. This practice help you to get better retention and productive staff.

Pre – hire

  • Send the new hire a welcome note, a first – week orientation schedule and any paperwork he or she should bring on the first day, including  Form, formate information etc.
  • Set up the employee’s workstation (phone, computer, e-mail, business cards, etc).

First Day 

  • Tell the receptionist a new employee is arriving.
  • Arrange a tour that includes places relevant to the person’s job.
  •  Share a welcome message via video from the CEO.
  • Provide an orientation packet, a staff directory, and an employee handbook.
  • Offer a gift box with product sample or a guide with “tweetable” company facts.
  • Ask the person’s manager to take him or her to launch. Better yet, assign him or her for the first week.
  • Post the staffer’s photo and ask him or her to add a nickname, hobbies etc.
  • Assign a buddy to help smooth the transition during the first month.

Second week

  • Make a timetable for setting and reaching goals.
  • Set up one – on -one meeting to introduce the newcomer to staff in other departments.
  • Host an informal get together so he or she can get to know the team.

15 Days

  • Have managers check in on the employee’s progress.
  • Encourage a two – way conversation between the worker and the manager.
  • Identify and resolve any concerns.

30 Days

  • Do a survey to gain feedback on your onboarding program.
  • Get the person involved in short – and long – term projects so he or she can begin to feel a sense of accomplishment – but nothing too big at this stage.

45 Days

About 20% of turnover occurs at this point. So this is a great time to assess employees understanding of their role and to find out if they’re happy with work.

90 Days

It typically takes this long for an employee to fully transition into an organization and to start understanding his or her role.

  • Give feedback and raise any concerns.
  • Have supervisors ask him they can help the individuals.
  • Ask the employee about ideas for improvement.
  •  Discuss whether there’s any reason he or she would want to leave.

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