How to Attract, Retain, & get best out of your Team

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Service Sector, Hospital, clinics or Manufacturing industries. Every sector is facing a issues on

  • Attracting the best people for their industries.  –  you need to be vary serious about your brand image, and your HR practice.  Here are few tips that help you grow
    • Link Growth – Understand why people are leaving their last company and why they want to join yours. Understand pain area.  Probability of joining your organisation will increase when you link Business growth with individual Growth.  This growth may not be always in terms of money.
    • Show them their feature growth – at what level your employee will be after few years, in terms of designation, In terms of Monitory benefit, In terms of social respect, in terms of Knowledge and many more can be addressed / Well defined and communicated .
    • Your Brand – Your Employee, Your Customer, Your patient, Your Neighbour Every one talk about your nature, and your practice. IF its create win-win situation , probablity of getting best in class people increased.
    • Make them Feel Proud – Make your Recruitment procedure stringent, Prepare job description, Select right candidate. Selection criteria to be fixed and keep some criteria non negotiable. This will make your employee feel achievement to clear your organisation interview.
  • Retain People – Attracting Best in class people is comparatively easy then to Retain best in class people. Here are tips to retain best people
    • Reward and recognition – 85 % people are leaving organisation because of poor attitude of Manager. Dissatisfaction in job. People don’t need money. Rewards and recognition ( if possible Publicly) will help you retain talent. Remember people do not leave because of salary.
    • Create fun at work – In Majority organisation, fun at work is  completely missed people are not enjoying their job. Develope Fun factor. when there is a fun at work absenteeism also reduced. Stress level remain zero even in stressful activity. People will be ready to take more responsibility.
    • Celebrate – Celebrate birthday, Anniversary, Achievement of Sales Target, Achievement in zero defect.  Achievement in getting some big order.  some time celebrate without reason and give surprise.
  • Get More from people – Making your team productive is a challenge. Else you will end up by spending more, Spending more money.
    • Avoid multitasking–  Develop your team to do multitasking, But do not allow them to do so. This will improve productivity drastically and people will be more responsible for their task.
    • Divide work in different time slot –  For every thing you need to keep time slot, like for preparing a quotation will be done almost from 9 to 11, Inspection of the clinic will be done from 11 to 2, Accounting work to be done from 2 to 3. This will help you avoid interruption , and because of interruption 67% productivity go down.
    • Ask and give dead line-   working with deadline will help you decide priority. This will reduce stress and help to complete the most important task.
    • Work for high pay activity – if your profit ( or Salary)  per yer   is 1 Cr rs, Your 1 minute cost is 100 Rs, if you generate more money in that one minute its your productive minutes and considered as high pay. Leave / Delegate low pay activity.

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