Sachin Tendulkar

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Leadership lessons we can learn from Sachin Tendulkar’s career

Here are five Leadership lessons we can learn from his career.

1) Being successful in life or being filthy rich has got nothing to do with studying hard at school or which educational institution you go to. It’s okay to even flunk exams. Just make sure you have a burning hunger to excel in a field of your choice. If, however, you are unable to show any promise to others chasing your dream, then do at least maintain a good attendance record and revise last three years’ question papers!This is our first leadership lesson.

2) You don’t need an animated demeanor or a baritone voice to make yourself heard. Actions speak louder than words. And the best way to communicate is to show people what you can do, rather than just talk about it. If however all you can do is just talk, then do choose a job as a news television anchor. If you become a guest commentator or a panelist, it does not count.

3) Being the best in a team or a group does not mean that you can lead others successfully. Be open to the fact that sometimes the most you can do for a team is simply by doing your part efficiently. Not everybody can be a captain in life. Some have to be star team members. It really is time you realized that you are better than your boss and management.

4) You are never too young or too old to do anything. If you think you are ready to contribute and if you are enjoying playing the game then do not pay any attention to what others might say about your inclusion or retirement. You can make as much impact as a gawky teenager as you can as being the old wise one. Do remember however that it’s always way too early in anyone’s life to accept a Rajya Sabha nomination.

5) Lastly, it does not matter how you look, how tall you are or even how silly your hairstyle really is. If you do the task at hand well enough, your face will adorn a million posters and you can even endorse rival cola brands. If you are extremely good looking but otherwise incompetent, then a career in films is where you should be headed. However if you are ugly and also incompetent, then politics is where you will truly flourish.

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