Success Secrets of 6 High Performance Coaches

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Here are some Success Secrets of 6 High Performance Coaches

Tony Robbins 6 Basic Need

Certainty/Comfort – We all want comfort.And much comfort comes from uncertainty. Of Course there is no ABSOLUTE certainty, but we want certainty the car will start, the water will flow from the tap when we turn it on and the currency we use will hold its value.

Variety – At the same time we want certainty, we also crave variety.Paradoxically, there needs to be enough uncertainty to provide spice and adventure in our lives.

Significance – Deep down,we all want to be important. We want our life to have meaning and significance.I can imagine no worse a death than to think my life didn’t matter.

Connection/Love – It would be hard to argue against the need of love. We want to feel part of a community. We want to be cared for and cared about.

Growth – There could be some people who say they don’t want to grow,but I think they’re simply fearful of doing so – or perhaps NOT doing so.To become better,to improve our skills,to stretch and excel may be more evident in some than others,but it’s there.

Contribution – The desire to contribute something of value-to help others, to make the world a better place then we found it is in all of us.

Stephen Convey’s 7 Habits

Be Proactive – This is the ability to control one’s environment,rather than have it control you,as is so often the case.Self determination,choice,and the power to decide response to stimulate,condition and circumstances.

Begin with the end in mind – Convey calls this the habit of personal leadership – leading oneself that is, towards what you consider your aims.By developing the habit of concentrating on relevant activities you will build a platform to avoid distractions and become more productive and successful.

Put first thing first – Convey calls this the habit of personal management.This is about organizing and implementing activities in line with the aims established in habit 2.Convey says that habit 2 is the first,or mental creation;habit 3 is the second, or physical creation.

Think win-win – Convey call this the habit of interpersonal leadership, necessary because achievement are largely dependent on co-operative efforts with others.He says that win-win is based on the assumptions that there is plenty for everyone,and that success allows a co-operative approach more naturally than the effective,and essential for developing and maintaining positive relationship in all aspects of life for Success Secrets.

Seek first to understand and then to be understood – One of the habit of self renewal,says Covey,and it necessarily surrounds all the other habits,enabling and encouraging them to happen and grow.Convey interprets the self into four parts: The spiritual,mental,physical and the social/emotional,which all need feeding and developing.

Sharpen the saw – This is the habit of self renewal,says Covey, and it necessarily surrounds all the other habits,enabling and encouraging them to happen and grow.Covey interprets the self into four parts:the spiritual,mental,physical and the social/emotional,which all need feeding and developing.

Brendon Burchard’s The Charge

Control – To regulate and influence our overall life experience.

Competence – The ability to understand,successfully perform in,and master our world.

Congruence – To live in consistent alignment with who we think we are,how we want others to perceive us,and who we want to become.

Caring – To care for others.

Connection – To feel connected to others.

Change – Intelligently and strategically manage(CONTROL) your desire for change.

Challenge – Challenge yourself.

Creative Expression – Creative expressing something of your unique self.

Contribution – To give something that matters.

Consciousness – Did I live?Did I love? Did I matter?

Adrian Shepherd’s “The four Pillars”

Personal Development – This is where it all begins,with us.Success Secrets is an inside game.

Marketing – Having the best product or service means nothing if no one knows about it.Marketing is how we get our message out there to the world.Marketing is the outside game.

Finance – Invest,grow and protect our rewards from mastering the inside and outside games.

Time management – Multiple your productivity many times over.

Jim Rohn’s “The five major prices to the life puzzle”

Philosophy – What we think.

Attitude – How we feel.

Action – What we do(based on what we think and how we feel)

Results – How we react to the results we get from our actions by Success Secrets.

Lifestyle – How to live a good life.

Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich

Thoughts are things – Whatever the mind can conceive and believe man is capable of bringing into reality.

Desire – There are no limitations except those we set ourselves.Both poverty and riches are the direct results of our thoughts.

Faith – Ideas are being transformed into huge fortunes all around us.Using the medium of faith,you can join that group of people with great achievements.

 The Sixth sense – Creative part of the mind creating hunches and inspiration.Can be enhanced and refined.

Autosuggestion – Man is the master of his own destiny because he has the power to influence what he thinks about using the techniques of autosuggestion.

Specialized Knowledge – The intelligent direction of specialized knowledge is the most frequent way of amassing wealth.

The Brain – Capable of both broadcasting and receiving thoughts directly to or from other people.

Imagination – The imagination is the workshop in which all plans can be  fashioned and prepared for action.

Decision – Successful people have the habit of reaching decisions quickly and changing them slowly if ever.Successful people have conquered procrastination by Success Secrets.

Organized Planning – Everything created begins in the form of desires which are taken into the workshop of the imagination for proper organization and planning.

Power of Master Mind – You automatically take on the habits and power of the people associate with.Control this by forming a master mind group who can assist you to achieve your dreams Success Secrets.

Persistence – Will- power,desire and persistence are essential for the transmuting of desires into monetary equivalents.

The mystery of sex Transmutation – Sex transmutation involves the transfer of sex desire into a motivating force for financial achievement.

The subconscious Mind – A vast reservoir strong every impulse or thought received through the five senses.

The six Ghosts of fear – The master key that unlocks the door to life’s bountiful riches is the privilege of creating in your own mind a burning desire to achieve.The satisfaction that comes to all who conquer self and force life to pay whatever they demand is overwhelming.

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