Management consultant, ISO consultant, Marketing consultant, CRM, Digital Marketing,  SEO, ISO 9001 certification
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Management consultant, ISO consultant, Marketing consultant, CRM, Digital Marketing, SEO, ISO 9001 certification

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Greendot is a Complete management consulting and training firm.  we help our client to improve productivity, Profitability and establishing system. We have expertise in establishing business process and business system. By establishing business process or business System  you can scale up your organization.

We do have Expertise to implement Process Management Tool such as 5s, Kaizen, Kanban, Lean Manufacturing, TPM, TQM. This will help you to improve to Reduce – Cost, Defects, Lead time, waste, Inventory, Over production, wastage, Over processingImprove –  Cost, Productivity, Efficiency, Profit, Delivery, Customer Delight,


[fusion_text]1. Usually 5-10 minutes in the morning or the evening is set aside to think through that day’s (or the next day’s) tasks and to outline a game plan for getting them accomplished. 2. They take care of quick tasks immediately.If a... Read More
Align with strategy – Majority of the business failed because they do not have the business success strategy, They keep doing the business. Business people need to understand even to propose a girl friend and convert that relationship in to... Read More

10 Essential Rule for Entrepreneurs

2018-04-20 6:22 AM
let Me keep it short Today , if you are in Business Partnership or Just started a company , or May be looking to be come entrepreneurs, here are few tips which will make you successful. 1. Don’t start a company unless your heart is in it. 2.... Read More


2018-04-20 6:21 AM
How to achieve Epic Achievement, here are few quotes & Tips to have great Achievement, #1. Dream Big. Start small. Act now.#2. Victims make excuses. Leaders deliver results.#3. Clarity breeds mastery.#4. A problem is only a problem when viewed... Read More

Self Care

2018-04-20 6:20 AM
Self – Care?  Before a few year it this word was not much important but now a days self- care is being taought in the schools as well ass in the University and there are subject in few colleges too. Self-care comprises those activities performed... Read More

Productive Manager

2018-04-20 6:17 AM
We all know that being busy Manager  isn’t the same as being Productive Manger  Or do we?   We know that spending time productively is the best way to build a business, but many of us have a hard time differentiating between what’s actually... Read More
1. Do not make Excuse – People chasing success will never make excuse rather they take responsibility of failure and find the reason of the failure and act again 2.No Risk No gain – Success full people take risk, Calculated risk is what we... Read More

Fact About Domino’s Pizza

2018-04-20 6:16 AM
50 % of the Stake of the domino’s Pizza was trade just at price of use Volkswagen car The year was 1961 just a littel under on yea after brothers top and james  Monaghan had purchasea pizza restaurant. Dominick’s for $500.  After eight... Read More
Many entrepreneur Failed in the business in less than 1000 days, or their growth is even less than the salaried personal, with more stress and liability. Expertise of 15 years of green dot – Management  consultant revealing the secret 1. Poor... Read More

ISO 9001:2015 Major Revision

2018-04-20 6:14 AM
After ISO 9001:2000, in ISO 9001:2015 Major changes are expected. It is really the first major revision since ISO 9001:2000, which essentially consolidated three previous standards including ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003. ISO standard is getting... Read More

Retail Business Issues

2018-04-20 6:13 AM
with the globalization and with the help of the technology traditional retailers are almost surviving or on the edge to close the business or may be suffering from very low profitability. in some cases we observed that the if they put the shop  on... Read More

Improve your Profit

2018-04-20 6:11 AM
Let’s face it, we all face tough challenges. Competitive pressures continue unabated. Prices are too low, and costs are too high. Companies strive to reduce costs. Some look to improve technology. Some reduce headcount. Too few have become... Read More

Put your company to Auto mode

2018-04-20 6:10 AM
What every business owner is looking for, our 13 years of Expertise says “ You can only grown when you put your company run Smoothly with out you” Yes, its Possible, if you organise your process , Business Model,  And Management System, and we... Read More
એક વાર એક મા-દીકરા વચ્ચે ઝઘડો થયો. દીકરાએ કહ્યું : ‘તેં મને મોટો કર્યો, એ તારો ઉપકાર, પણ એમાં તેં... Read More

Do you feel pressure to perform?

2018-04-20 6:07 AM
This Pressure to perform is simply a fact 0f business study and 15 years of intense study has shown us that urgency really does not make the work day. lack of direction makes a day stressful Seeing good customer leaving your organisation make... Read More

stagnant sales ! 7 Improvement Tips

2018-04-20 6:06 AM
Many time it has been observed that the sale of the company become stagnant, Management and sales team tried their best, But there are not much sales improvement. Many time Management observe the figures, and find that company so growing with 20 or... Read More
Board examination results are announced or may be announced in next few days, what if you got less marks, i even don’t want to write the name of the few successful people who are successful even though they had been not been to school. Less marks... Read More
if you have seen any of the game like cricket, foot ball, Base ball, basket ball, Tennis or even few board game like chess.  you will win only when you play to win, there are player, some time they play to win, some time just play not to... Read More
when we talk about Business Survival or Business Growth, you need a team to perform.  The major issue of the company is not getting the right people or might be Sustaining talent.  here are some solution how can you resolve the issues,   1.... Read More
The workplace environment affects how the employees perform and feel about their jobs. A motivating workplace encourages employees to work harder, which allows them to advance and succeed while your business gets ahead. The employees may also be... Read More

Walk for Management Consultant

2018-04-20 6:02 AM
JOB DESCRIPTION and JOB SPECIFICATION Job Title Management Consultant Job Code MC04 Reports to CEO     Department Management Consultation     Operating Division None Approved... Read More

we are hiring Apply now

2018-04-20 6:01 AM
green dot is a management consulting and training firm, working globally, having our owned office at more than 5 place. we are looking for following candidate. 1.  Manager -Sales and Marketing ( Post code 03 – 03 ) :  Graduate in any filed,... Read More

7 Deadly waste that kills your profit

2018-04-20 6:00 AM
7 deadly wastage of the industries Over production : Making something before it is truly needed. This is particularly serious form of waste because it lead to excess inventory that is often user to mask other underlying problems and... Read More

9 thing successful people do

2018-04-20 5:59 AM
Success is something many people work very hard for. Achieving it is difficult enough, but keeping it going is even harder. That’s why truly successful people never stop improving themselves and work on their positive habits all the time. Everyday... Read More
Weekends are a squandered resource, too often spent either doing more work or in a passive cycle of sleep, food, drink, and pointless activity that’s easy on the brain. But a good week end should refuel your spirit and rejuvenate you for whatever... Read More

14 ways to be more productive

2018-04-20 5:57 AM
I wanted to help you create explosive productivity so you get big things done (and make your life matter). Here are 14 tips to get you to make you most  productive: #1. Check email in the afternoon so you protect the peak energy hours of your... Read More

See what Alibaba CEO JACK MA Says

2018-04-20 5:56 AM
Jack Ma, the wealthiest man in China spoke with world economic forum about his journey founding Alibaba, a Chinese E- Commerce Website that handle  more traffic than E-bay and Amazon combined, in the interview he said that he was rejected for 10... Read More

what is 5 S and how it help you?

2018-04-20 5:56 AM
5S is a structured approach to getting a workplace cleaned up, organized, standardized — eliminating waste materials and wasteful practices, and then sustaining the improvements that were made. It is called “5S” based on the five Japanese... Read More

Law of powerful sales – 1

2018-04-20 5:55 AM
Pretend you’re on a first date with your prospect. Get curious about them. Ask about the products and services they’re already using. Are they happy? Is what they’re using now too expensive, not reliable enough, too slow? Find out what they... Read More

Few Biggest Mistakes in sales

2018-04-20 5:54 AM
Sales people, sales organizations and sales teams have to change the way they are handling customers today in this very competitive world. The old ways of selling are changing and require all sales people, sales managers and sales organizations to... Read More

The top 8 qualities of a Leader

2018-04-20 5:52 AM
Sales and attitude are only 2 problem in any business, Few tips to improve your sales is as given below, Avoid Saying following things during sales. 1.  That’s not my department: take responsibility, Many time people who are not related to the... Read More

Never Say 5 things during Sales

2018-04-20 5:50 AM
Sales and attitude are only 2 problem in any business, Few tips to improve your sales is as given below, Avoid Saying following things during sales. 1.  That’s not my department: take responsibility, Many time people who are not related to the... Read More
Sales statistics, are useful practice to take care of your sales. Again it will help you take Right decision on right time. Here are few statistic about sales…. 1. 48 % of of sales people never do follow with inquiry ( Prospect) :  Biggest loss... Read More

Step to reduce the Inventory

2018-04-20 5:49 AM
Number 1: Pareto your inventory Gather sales and inventory in dollars by item. Construct two Pareto charts. For the first chart, classify your items into A, B, C, and D (80%, 15%, 5%, 0%) based on sales. Then calculate your inventory for each... Read More

How to get good at life

2018-04-20 5:47 AM
Life is a skill. And like any other skill, once you know the ground rules and make the time to practice, you can get better. If you really devote yourself to life, you could even reach a place of mastery. Some have. I suggest to you that there... Read More

Valuable People- Family

2018-04-20 5:47 AM
Ever notice that it’s the people we love most that we take most for granted? Odd isn’t it. It’s easy to spend less time with your family because they will always be there for you (or so you assume). It’s easy to put off expressing your... Read More

Detach from the Noise

2018-04-20 5:38 AM
One of the primary traits of world-class performers (in business and in life) is their ability to “detach from the noise”. Each day, “noise” such as little crises, minor interruptions and interesting distractions beg for ourattention. To... Read More
You’ve heard it a thousand times in a thousand different ways: you become what you think about. And the thoughts you use become self fulfilling prophecies. Expect extraordinary things to unfold for you, andthey will.The motivators say it. The... Read More

One Minute Manager

2018-04-20 5:34 AM
It only takes a minute to tell a loved one you adore themIt only takes a minute to run towards a fearIt only takes a minute to set a big   goalIt only takes a minute to drink a glass of  waterIt only takes a minute to read a great idea (that just... Read More

Find Peace of Mind

2018-04-20 5:33 AM
Noisy world we live in. People talk loudly on cell phones. Ring tones  can  be heard in once serene restaurants. Most cars have radios on. Most homes  have TVs on. I saw a man chatting on his Blackberry while eating  his lunch  yesterday.... Read More

Ways To Be Sensakionally Successful

2018-04-20 5:32 AM
The Expert In Anything Was Once The Begineer.Here Are 10 Ways To Get Sensakionally Sucessfull At your Job• Behave As If You Are Still Being Interviewed.• See A Manager As A Person You Help Not A Person Who Tells You What To Do.• Build... Read More
Here are The 5 Things Super Successful People Do Before 8 AM 6:20- Map Out Your Day            Get the most of out of the day by mapping out your goals and to do’s. The AM is prime, uninterrupted                          ... Read More
Here are 10 Admirable Attributes Of A Great Employee. Ambitious: The Perfect employee will always want to improve and will have big goals. Autonomous: The ability to work on tasks by themselves with very little help. Humble:Its Important to... Read More

10 Ways To Be Confident

2018-04-20 5:30 AM
CONFIDENCE Comes Not From Always Being Right  But Not Fearing To Be Wrong Here Are 10 Ways To Be Confident Smile. Not Only will it brighten your day,but it will make others around you smile too. At the end of each day write down something you... Read More

Leadership Qualities

2018-04-20 5:29 AM
Here are some Leadership Qualities which can help you to lead firmly. Vision: Leaders have a clear sense of where they want to go and how they intend to get there. They see the big picture, then create a plan for achieving their goals. Make... Read More
Here are some amazing Leadership Tips For First Time Manager Accept that you still have much to learn: You have work hard and have ample expertise,but you still need to learn from others including your new team. Communicate Clearly:Always keep... Read More

12 Tips On Staying Inspired

2018-04-20 5:28 AM
Here are some tips to stay inspired  Stay Healthy Drink a glass of water: When you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water to start the day fresh. Move and Sweat: Daily exercise boosts your energy level,improves your mood,and relieves... Read More
Here are some of the reasons You’re not as successful as you should be. Laziness:I don’t think there is an easy way to put this. I have to assume that you are lazy. Every single successful person works their boots off to get where they... Read More
When one thinks of Successful Women,Oprah Winfrey cant help but come to mind.She wasn’t born to Success,but rather acted in a way that helped her realize her full potential in life. So How Do Highly Successful Women Achieve such... Read More

my dad My best friend

2018-04-20 5:26 AM
અમારી મિત્રતા ને કદાચ ૨૨ વર્ષ થયા, રોજ વાત નથી થતી, રોજ મુલાકાત નથી થતી,પણ જરૂર પડે એ પેહલા જ હાજર.... Read More

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